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[icon] The Great Prongs Speaks
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Current Music:Someone snoring, who is going to get a pillow thrown at them
Subject:Life is Shit sometimes
Time:03:37 pm
Current Mood:angryangry
I have had it with people thinking I am nothing but an egotistical, sex driven, moronic prat (ok,ladies, sex driven maybe, look me up).

Really, people, why dont you get to know me better before you give me all these god damn lables. Its not like I have it any easier than you lot. I *do* know about Voldemort, Lily Evans. Yes, I said his name. VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT.

Take that you stupid fucking whimps. Where is the Gryffindor spirit? OF COURSE IM AFRAID but I'm not stupid enough to show it. Do you *really* think my goal is to open a huge joke shop? Really? Honestly, people are useless. I hate them all, the only ones that understand me are my friends, and I dont even know where Padfoot has been lately.
You know what, I am not insensitive, Lily Evans.

I am not, as you call me an "insensitive man whore"

I am a 15 year old kid that has no idea how to deal with death. You can go stick your head up your ass, now, please, it would do us all a favor. I really can't stand you, you know that right?

Some day I am going to fight Voldemort and I will win. Just wait and see, I will kill him, mark my words I will kill him.

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Subject:Damn it
Time:04:22 pm
Current Mood:angryangry
I am so sick and so tired of no one taking me seriously. I mean I enjoy being a goof ball it sure as hell is better than being an old stick in the mud prude like lady lily, but fucking a I want to be taken seriously for once. And for christ sakes you guys stop ganging up on me all the time, its like I'm your god damned punching bag. Just stop in. OK? Just leave me the hell alone.

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Current Music:"Jail House Rock" Elvis
Subject:Its been a while!
Time:11:50 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
Yeah, I'm a lazy ass..offically, with out contest.
So I got hit in the face by some god damn bastard who thought it would be funny to hit a bludger right at me. He.Will.Pay. Mark my words. In any case, Moony and Padfoot are harassing me about it, calling me "off my rocker" when ever I ask them to pass the gun powder. I don't know what has gotten into them.
This month my goal is to get as as much head as I can good of grades as possible. Which means less updates, for now.
Where is the jammy dodger?

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Current Music:The drip of the rain on the roof
Subject:What is with this?
Time:07:28 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
So, things are back to normal, everyone is back at school and did I mention that its freezing cold? Hogwarts isn't exactly bursting with warm air and tropical flowers. Which reminds me, Padfoot, Moony, I have a plan, an excellent plan in fact, being the brilliant mastermind that I am. It also seems that I'm the only one that has had time to get on here and write. Come on lads, its school! Moony, did you get the chocolate I left on your mattress?
I would now like to take the time to thank the wonderful people who gave me crap such wonderful gifts this year!
Mum and Dad: Thank you so much for the assorted crap new set of school robes as well as the new cauldron which will be used to blow up Snape's greasy head.
Aunty Mildred: Thank you very much for the new underwear and socks clothing, it is very pinkcoming in handy when I need to clean the owl cage with all this cold weather.
Ladies of Gryffindor tower: Thank you for being female
Padfoot: Thank you for the bag of dung bombs, sweets, subscription to Play Witch and box of sugar quills.
Moony: Thank you very much for the book on planets, how amazing! I couldn't put it down! Also thank you for the book of complicated transfigurations, that will be put to good use, mark my words.

I think that about covers things, I so desperatly wanted a broom and didn't get one, drat, well there is always my birthday, right boys?
Before term began, I took a little side trip into muggle London. How weird it was! Muggle money is, well, strange, little bits of paper and all, and its called a "pound". Very strange. I want to learn how to drive those car thingys that the muggles have, how much fun would that be?!?!? The muggle girls are very nice looking, I went into a shop and they had a magazine called "Playboy". Its rather like "Play Witch" only...muggle...
I went into a muggle pub, and was surprised that they wouldn't let me in. I am "under age" I guess in the muggle world. Funny, I can get into the Hogs Head and the Three Broomsticks no problem. Well, I guess muggle children have no compacity for butterbeer. It really isn't that strong. Oh well, muggles are weird.

Now, back to Potions homework, but there is a match tomorrow, Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw. Should be fun to watch!

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Subject:Happy Happy Happy.....New Year?
Time:06:42 pm
Current Mood:hornyhorny
Ok Moony, you can stop nagging me, I'm updating, so there.

Sorry everyone, I've been far too busy getting off with the female Gryffindor population to have time to write, and NO Padfoot, I haven't developed cronic "male slut" disease, its just a virus.

I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas. Padfoot did you get my owl with your gift? I was able to get Moony his before I left, but I couldn't find you, detention maybe?

Ah, I best be going, Mum is calling me, maybe there will be some Mince Pies left.

Good night!

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Current Music:What ever Sirius is listening to
Subject:Have you ever noticed....
Time:10:50 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
How sexual music is? Can you believe the junk that muggles listen to these days? "Lets go have sex" talk about blunt! You could atleast say something polite, like "fancy a chuff and some peaches?" really, and its all this American stuff, they have no manners. I think I would fit in really well in an American muggle place. Padfoot said that women will sleep with anything.... I can live with that. "Free Love" thats what it is all about, really.
I should go on exchange in the states someday, though the Boston girls I've herd are a rough lot. I'll stick to my Lily-poo and Mr. Pebbles English group of fan girls with big breasts normal ideas about romance.
Pass the ketchup and the johnnies (Condoms for you potential American slut readers)
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Current Music:We All Live in a Yellow Submarine ~ The Beatles
Subject:Its about time!
Time:09:49 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Why, hello, it is I, the great James Potter, better known as Prongs, and I am here to outshine you all with my wit because Moony and Padfoot are making me just dont hurt Mr. Pebbles .
So, that just about covers this entry, but let the games begin.
And on a final note, my hair looked fantastic this morning.

P-R-O-N-G-S oh yeah, scream it louder babe
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[icon] The Great Prongs Speaks
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 7 entries.